January 07, 2011

Hello fellas! 
These next few posts will be going back quite a bit to the days when I was in Singapore from 1st of January till 5th.

The first photo that I took when I was in Changi Airport is a kind of inspiring trash can. Well, I think our government should take a benefit from Indonesia's creative artists that we have today.  There are many of young creative artists, designers in Indonesia, so why just can't we "use" them to make our lives better? From the littlest things like making our trash can to be more attractive and easily understanding to separate the different kind of garbage (non organic : paper, plastic, organic : leaves, food's waste, etc).

The second things is the new landmark of Singapore. It seems like Merlion should prepare to be replaced for his popularity being a mascot of Singapore. Since Singapore has Marina Bay Sands with its catchy "ship" on the top of the building, it's much more interesting than the Merlion. There were so crowded by many people who want to see the city view from the highest point. 

Because of a little bit of hectic that we had on the first day, not much things that I got for shoot. Even though, there is plenty of magnificent architecture in the city.

For dress, I tried to wore dress as simple as I could. No tights, no skirt and no heels. The big luggage and a long distance walk is quite reasonable to make me chose comfortable than fashion.

Top : Pasar Senen. Bag : Longchamp. Shoes : Rubi

Annndddd, this is the random picture of the first day :

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