January 07, 2011

I feel like going back to 8 years ago, when I  was in junior high school and posed like a model (which now I consider it was totally a silly pose). Yeah, today I went to Singapore Science Centre. Little bit forgot how it used to be look, but as I remember, most of them are still the same. 

In 2002

In 2011

Finally I found this Singaporean designer who caught my eyes with their juicy store decoration. Well, my eyes would never go wrong, because the clothes and the statement necklaces are juicy as the decoration. 

When sun was going down, we went to Marina Bay Sands to see sunset and Singapore city view at night. As I thought before, it was really crowded! But the city view and place were still great.

Shirt : Ali's. Suspender : Pasar Senen.

The pool at the top of Marina Bay Sands

Singapore City view from Marina Bay Sands

Kudeta Cafe

Spotlight, ginger cookies, Time Out Singapore + sunglasses and Chanel. Yap, they are the random pictures that I shot for today.

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