January 27, 2011

a lovely piece of Paris Van Java

I always love to walk around the old part of the city, even if only to see the old buildings and take some pictures of them. Actually, I am not kind of people who really like to learn about history. What I love from the old district is only about its architecture, atmosphere and it can refresh my sight from the modern buildings which make me feel bored sometimes.     

About a month ago, I and Ican went to Braga, which we weren't deliberately go there. We passed it and suddenly I want to eat the bread from Sumber Hidangan, one of my favorite bakeries in Bandung. And so, we went to a place that used to popular as De Meest Europeesche Winkelstraat Van Indie.

As I remember, I used to imagined with one of my friends, Manda, if someday Braga will be like the common roads in Europe, crowd of people that strolling along the street (of course without vehicles passing it), while some others sitting in the cafes on each side of the street and the rest are shopping in our boutique which located beside one of those cafes. Huoooo, what a highly imagination, isn't it? Well, apart from it, I hope our government will still keep Braga as one of the historical sites in Bandung.

 taken by Ican

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