January 11, 2011

Our Monday morning was started in Clarke Quay. It is one of popular places in Singapore where you can find many kind of restaurants with their miscellaneous foods. Unfortunately, we couldn't eat because most of the restaurants are usually open in the evening. So, we just went around the place and across the river by boat.  

Many colorful buildings around Clarke Quay

 City view from inside the boat

Since I was kid, my mother has taught me to visit the museum wherever I go abroad. She said that we shouldn't spend our time with only visiting the modern part of the country, but also know about its culture and history. And one of the simplest way to know about them is visiting the local museum. Well, sometimes I get lazy and bored to do that, but believe me, it will always expand your knowledge about the world. So, just enjoy that. Actually, I enjoyed my visit to National Museum of Singapore. The building is cozy and the architecture is marvelous.

National Museum of Singapore

This is another thing that we should learn from Singapore, about how to appreciate and maintain our history and culture is through the museum. And one of the way to make it becomes interesting is, customizing it attractively. Regrettably, our country is still lack of admirable museum. What I know so far, there are only four museums that I adore the most in Indonesia, Don Antonio Blanco Museum in Bali, Ullen Sentalu in Yogyakarta, Museum of Bank Indonesia and Bank Mandiri in Jakarta.        

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