January 13, 2011

what can we learn from being sick

Being sick is really boring. You can't do anything you want, can't go everywhere, can't enjoy almost every activities, and feel lonely. But, that is life. Sometimes we will have a good time, in some other times, we will have a bad one. Believe or not, in every kind of condition that we will through, there must be something positive that we can learn from them. What I learn from this sickness is, you have to know yourself well. How much capacity and strength of your body are. Honestly, I know what the main cause of my anemia today. It is because I don't care about myself. A year ago, when I was collapsed by anemia, my doctor had given me a medicine that fortunately buildup both of hemoglobin and iron in my blood. But afterwards, when I was physically fit, I was having enough on one's plate and didn't took the medicine anymore until a few days ago. Moreover, it was disappeared. If only I was more cautious to my healthiness, may I wouldn't get anemia once more. The other thing that I learn from my sickness is higher respect and appreciate to my family, especially my parents. There is no one would take care and much worry to you except your parents. And the last thing is I am being much grateful with who I am and what I have in my life. During these past couple days, I often wander about how much happiness and gratefulness that God has given to me, from the littlest until the biggest things. For example, about the healthiness. I, you and might be other people do often forget about how expensive each part of our bodies and healthiness are. From this sickness, I became more care about my health. And for sure, this will be one worth life experience for me and hopefully for you too.

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