July 27, 2011

Summer Bliss (Part I)

Hello people! How have you all been? I am really sorry for not blogging in recent weeks. Yeah, two weeks ago I was busy for my graduation day, while last week I was working full time from Monday to Friday and my last weekend was spent for preparing my four days getaway to Belitung. And now, I am gonna tell you how was everything going during my getaway in this Laskar Pelangi Island. 

An island view from above 

It was Sunday afternoon when we touched down Tanjung Pandan, the capital city of Belitung. There was only a couple of vehicle and people that I saw along our way to Tanjung Tinggi Beach. Much different from the situation in Bali and Lombok which are more crowded by the tourists and also the locals getting around the streets. But you don't have to worry because it just happens on Sunday afternoon, while on the evening it is usually crowded by local people.   

Tanjung Tinggi Beach

Local people usually camping on the beach at weekend

The kitchen tools in one of the restaurants 

I was so lucky that I met Heru and Kucai, my new friends that come from Belitung. Heru is one of my mother students and Kucai is Heru's friend. Oh, if you watched Laskar Pelangi movie and still remember the children, you must know that one of them is Kucai. I couldn't imagine how would be busy my mother and me if they hadn't been there. Also, I must be too lazy to climb the rock alone if Heru and Kucai hadn't been there to accompany me to go up the rock.

Me, Kucai and Heru

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