July 29, 2011

Summer Bliss (Part II)

Monday was our loveliest day in Belitung! It was because we spent our time in Lengkuas Island and Batu Belayar. Unfortunately, Kucai couldn't go with us because he must go to school. So, Heru's mother was join us that day. We went to Tanjung Binga by Heru's car and as we arrived there, we took a boat and crossed over to Lengkuas. Oh, I knew it's going to be a great getaway!

Our first destination was Batu Belayar. I don't know how to describe it, because it just a little land that covered with white sand, has a big rock in the middle of the land and surrounded by the other rocks which are smaller than the middle one. This place is great for those who wants to spend their day without bothered by strangers. 

 Japanese people also love this cute little island

And here we came to Lengkuas Island! It is a rounded island where everything is placed alongside the ocean, filling with the white sands and only few people come. On the last Thursday it was the place where some of the scenes of The Philoshophere had been taken. One of the actress is the one who played in Harry Potter as Ginny.

The lighthouse was built in 1882

A breathtaking view from the top of the lighthouse

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