September 11, 2011

The Art of A Bag

I used to wonder why my mom's and older sister's bag are always heavier than mine and seem full of stuffs in it. Does a woman have to carry so many stuff everytime she wants to go outside of her house? Is every single thing in the bag important? I never had any satisfying answer till I find it out by myself, when I am already a (career) woman. Solemnly, being an adult is one of the hardest part in my life. Complicated, too much seriousness and tense. Well, do you carry the same things as mine in your bag?            

My mom is an organized person and so she had taught me to be like that. One of the littlest thing is how  you can organize your bag. You can't put all the stuffs into one space. Not only would it make you harder to find the one you want among some of the things, but also quicken your stuffs and the bag becomes dirty. Hence, I classify the similar ones and split them into different pouch.        

There are five pouches (no : 1-3-4-6-7), an environmental bag (2) and an umbrella (5)

Pouch (1) is stuffed with Ipod and headphone

Pouch (2) are perfume, some of make up kits, tissue and glasses wiper

Pouch (3) is filled with agenda, note book and novel

Pouch (4) is a stationery

Pouch (5) is the most important thing of all : hand phone and wallet 

All the stuffs in my bag

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