October 30, 2011

48 Hours in Bali

Wohooo! I'm back after blogging silently for almost two weeks. Actually, It wasn't in my intention to abandon the blog, but the situation called for it. You know, last week had been such a busy week for me, because I had to go to Bali for work and after that I went to Bandung to attend my university graduation for October section. It was a beautiful week, though I know those non-stop-activities were really tiring. 


It's been two years since my last visit to Bali. It should come to no surprise that I was anticipating my opportunity to go there once more, even for only two days. Moreover, I had a chance to experience Bali's atmosphere that I didn't get two years ago. While I had spent my last visit going around the island looking for decent hangout spots with my family, for this occasion I had decided to stroll down the streets of Kuta and Legian.  

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