November 27, 2011

Saturday Date ♥

Apart from the fact that Jakarta has tons of giant malls, historical museums, expensive boutiques, dainty cafes - restaurants and other cool places to hang out, I don't know what else this city could offer. I consider myself confused when I finally got to accompany my boyfriend to discover another extraordinary part in my city. I skip Monas, Dufan, Taman Mini, Ragunan Zoo, Kota Tua Jakarta, from my list because it seems like 3 - 5 times of visit is enough for me. Those places became dull because they don't, or rather haven't offered anything new and interesting. At least, that's what I felt.

After desperately doing some blog-walking, searching for the right place to spend our Saturday, I found this lovely cafe that looks perfect as a place to eat lunch. Kedai is such a great space to escape from the hectic big city. It has a really peaceful atmosphere which makes us hard to get our ass off it. And, withal, this place reminds me of Bandung with some of decoration that it has, don't you think?

I have always been intrigued by creative spaces. That's why I brought Ican to Dia.Lo.Gue , which is located less than one kilometer from Kedai. When an art space, a concept store and a cafe are put together into one building, they will always make a good dialogue (pun intended) with everyone who comes to enjoy it. I have been curious with this place ever since I read some recommendations from different people about it. They should consider expanding the place, because more and more people are coming to this place.  

The next destination is Salihara. It seems like a dozens of times I have delayed my intention to see their shows because the location is far away from my house. This place should be as awesome as I thought if there is any exhibitions and shows that held in both gallery and theater. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything from either of them at the moment of our arrival. So we just went to a small shop which sells artsy souvenirs, rooftop theater and got some drinks in Kopitiam Oey.

Our Saturday ended in Brightspot. Though I wasn't in my high interest of attending it, I was still fawning at how many talented designers we have and how creative the products were sold. There are no words to be said but the biggest applause for them.

Thank you my dear Saturday, I hope we're gonna meet soon in another time and another place ♥ 

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