January 15, 2012

Am I?

Instead of expecting for birthday presents and surprises, I felt totally plain on my birthday. While other people get excited to have their 21st as they had their 17th, I get scared of facing my future. The same old fears come back and the same old questions reappear in my mind. It's all about how good I can change myself to be a better person, how long my best people will stay to accompany me through life and how big my dreams will become true.      

However, I've still had my wish list.
  • My parents, family, boyfriend and best friends (still and) will always stay to "accompany" me through this year 
  • Get a master degree scholarship in the major, university and country that would suit me best (actually, I already have one name for each, but everything always depends on God)
  • Create more, give more 
  • Live a pleasant and healthy life
  • Travel more places in Indonesia
Last but not least, Alhamdulillah. I have received so much blessings during my early twenties.
Bismillah for the new days.

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