January 18, 2012

The City Planning

I never know how it feels when some people say they have experience their love at the first sight moment. But if you ask me if I have ever been in love with a city at the first time of visit, then my answer is yes, I have for sure. London has always been on the top of my list of places that I want to visit. My reason was just that simple, because this city never fails to show its beauties. Later on, after my visit there, I found another reason why I felt much comfortable walking around the city even when I brought myself alone.  

There are two aspects that I'm concerned whenever I visit a country/region/city, how the government attract people to come and satisfy the citizens' needs. In my viewpoint, London has been successfully developed for both. Even though this city will definitely cost you a fortune to live in, but it's well worth it as you get all the facilities for such an ideal city life. Let's say about how great this city keep maintaining and using most of the old heritage buildings, providing the large number of city parks, supplying many types of public transportation, offering lots of edutainment activities, providing easy understanding signage and many other great things that we (Indonesian) should learn and apply to our country.        

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