January 08, 2012

The Foster People

It was Sunday afternoon, when I usually spend my time complaining about the blazing sunshine every time I go outside of my house in Jakarta. But, it wasn't. I had already worn three layers of clothes, still it couldn't warm up my shivering body. The temperature down to 0 degree Celsius and the wind was pretty darn cold. Fortunately, no longer after we had arrived, the car came to picked me and the others up to our foster family's houses.

I felt relieved when I knew that my foster family are very nice people. Moreover, their house was such a lovely English house, decorated with many beautiful stuffs. Needless to say, the atmosphere inside the house was muchly comfortable.

I have always enjoyed homestay programs since the first one that I had when I was in elementary school. The result is not only emerging the independent character in myself, but also increasing my ability to live with other people who have different languages, cultures and habits. By the time I stayed with my English family, I had to adapt myself to their life style (that very unusual for me), which were, being a vegetarian and living with two dogs!  

 My host mother, Sharron, and her youngest son, Jordan

 Ami (my Indonesian housemate) with Wobbit (grey) and Waffi (black)

Actually, I have a different perspective about the vegetarian after I lived with my foster family. I can say that being a vegetarian is fun. Especially for those who can cook well. My host mother and her boyfriend are very good at cooking. There was a time when they made me a burger. It tasted as delicious as a meat, until they told me that it was a chestnut! Can you imagine how good they are being vegetarian chefs? Well, I guess it's okay if someday we try to be vegetarian, shall we? :p

Rice, salmon and salad

Vegetarian pizza, and the dessert, mango with Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream


  1. iriiiiiii... lg ikut program homestay dlm rangka apa? aku dr dulu jg pgn bgt homestay atau study abroad tp blm ksampean.. hihi.. goodluck yaaaa!! :D

  2. hehehe aku ikut dalam rangka short course disana..banyak kookk program homestay ke luar negeri, asal rajin nyarinyaa ajaa hehe..makasii yaaa! semangat mencari jugaa :D