Fried Kakap Fillet & Bumbu Rajang

I have always been tempted by spicy food and will be a freaky eater when it comes to this food. It's been a long time since I intended to cook spicy food, but never done it until I found this recipe. It was my first attempt on making spicy food, and happily, I successfully made it in my own way. 

Kakap Fillet
Coat the kakap fillet with salt and pepper, then put it into the lemon squeezed. Prepare the whole wheat flour, bread flour and egg on the different bowl. Dip the kakap fillet into egg, then sprinkle and pat the whole wheat flour lightly on it to coat evenly. Repeat the previous step, but for this time, sprinkle the kakap with bread flour. Sear the kakap fillet in pan with medium high heat till both sides and edge are lightly brown.     

Bumbu Rajang
Slice the red onions, cayenne peppers, lime leaves and stem lemongrass. Don't forget to remove the central stem of lime leaves before you slice them. The next step is, heat the pan and saute the terasi until it soften. Mind you, don't use the oil during this process. After the terasi get soften, pour oil into the pan and put the chopped red onions, cayenne peppers, lime leaves and stem lemongrass. Saute them until they smell good.

After everything is done, put Bumbu Rajang at the top of Kakap Fillet. Add the lemon squeezed if desired. Serve them with rice. Enjoy!