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I sort of believe that we all have a list of inspirational women as a role model in our lives. Whether they are your mother, sister, grandma, girlfriend, wife, or even your best friend, you must be so proud to know how much strong they are behind their delicate - looking face. I can say, with no doubt, that my mom has always been my biggest inspiration and the best teacher in my entire life. She has influenced me in a great measure, and there is somewhat an additional admiration since I discovered some of her early photography. So, there's no need to explain why I'm extremely passionate about traveling, eh?

Anyway, Happy International Women's Day to all the beautiful yet strong women ♥


  1. I was just about to post the same thing! :D Bunda = Number one inspirational woman in my life for Int Women's Day x)

  2. hahahha she's always been our greatest inspiration yaa uunn :D


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