South Borneo Through My Eyes

Every city has got its own special feeling that I get every time I take the first step out onto the street. The best part of it is when I see something beautiful yet extraordinary through my eyes. It doesn't always have to be a natural scenery, magnificent modern buildings, old-fashioned architecture or anything else that most people looking for when traveling. Instead, the unintentional day sight could be the best moment to be seized. Here, I'm gonna show you some things that grab my attention during my trip in Banjarmasin.

The famous Kain Sasirangan (tie-dyed fabric)

Soto Banjar is one of the most popular dishes in Banjarmasin 

Banjarmasin city view from Duta Mall

Banjarmasin is probably best known for its great potential in mining, but maybe not in tourism. Whether it's for tourists or local people, there isn't much choice. They say Kota Intan Martapura, Sultan Suriansyah Mosque, Barito Bridge, Kembang Island and Muara Kuin Floating Market are the tourist attractions. However, none of them satisfied me enough. Besides, there's only a mall and local eateries as the recreational and social place for local people. Since it's a provincial capital of South Kalimantan, it wouldn't be enough to fulfill the recreational needs of the citizens.  

Floating market is my only hope that this city could give me a sense of satisfaction. My friends have warned me, though. That I shouldn't have high expectations on it because the reality is much different from what we saw on one of the private television stations in Indonesia. And they were right, I hadn't thoroughly enjoyed it. In either way, I was filled in awe as the transactions were started and the sight of some boats piled high with any kind of goods, from tropical fruits and vegetables until local foods. Really, I don't have any idea why on earth the local government can't see the great potential behind it? The way that indigenous people still preserve their cultural heritage could also be a major potential for local tourism if only the government really want to develop it. Unless they think that the slum area along the river is the view that is expected for tourists, or, it's the local people who do not want the development. 

The traders in Muara Kuin Floating Market 

Some people ate Soto Banjar inside the boat


  1. Mbak, aku ngefans sama postingannya :D oya, aku dari Banjarmasin. Salam kenal ya :) aku tahu blognya dari Living Loving

    1. Halo Maya, salam kenal juga yaa..waah jadi malu nih langsung dikomentarin sama yang punya daerahnya hehe. makasi yaa :D


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