Having in my mind memories of my good old days is one of the times when I actually feel good about my past. It's surely a simple way to bring pleasant feelings. However, since it reminded me how many things have been forgotten, it turns out to be hard for me as well. What makes me more miserable is, many of them seem inessential while in fact they can bring a great amount of happiness to me.  

Here are the top 14 things I'm missing right now :
  1. Childhood
  2. Having a girls-day-out with my mom, Unicha and Gladis
  3. Old days, when distance and bustle are not distracting me and Ican 
  4. Using Rhapsy, 120 mm film, and being surprised by the unpredictable photos
  5. Running on the Saraga (Sasana Olahraga Ganesha) track 
  6. Babysitting Azka
  7. Doing silly things with pals
  8. Living in Bandung
  9. Having creative ideas (yeah, I'm fresh out of ideas lately)
  10. Editing video
  11. Exploring the city
  12. Photo session with Kocik
  13. Making DIY stuff
  14. Sleepover with my girlfriends