Talk About Changes

A couple of weeks ago, I watched a movie in which there was a conversation between old men. He said, "People don't change. We just grow old and we adapt to learn how to enjoy simple pleasures in life".  I get stuck on the words and wondering if it's true that we change only because we want to enjoy the little things in life. The image of how many changes have happened and how much I've changed, popped into my mind. You know that under no circumstances whatsoever is it okay to look back on your life and see how it's been going so far. Sometimes we focus too much on what we want to accomplish now as well as prepare for the future until we forget to learn from the past. 

How I used to believe in happily ever after and today I only see it exists on a fairy tale, how I once muttered that I never want to work in academic fields and now I'm on my way to be a part of it, how I never believe in a second chance and today I see it can bring a big change, how I can use my logic instead of ego, and how I believed certain things would last a long time and now I can accept the fact that everyone and everything will eventually change.

Then I figured it out that changes wouldn't happen only because we simply want to enjoy our lives. People change because they don't wanna fall in the same hole. People change because they found that there are great lessons behind every journey. People change because they want to hold on to what they believe. And sometimes good things don't come from the simple things. They also come from the complicated ones. Don't be afraid of change. It means that we've learnt something from life and it means that we don't only grow old, but also grown up. 


  1. Yes absolutely zuuu

  2. Those are the simplest and the most meaningful things I've ever read. Those are able to describe what happened among people.


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