December 27, 2012

How To Cope With Holidays

Holidays can be really exciting yet relaxing especially after you pass some weeks of madness. I was so excited at first, but my excitement fades as there's still work to be done. Thus, I need to strive to  divide my time for doing the works and traveling in proper balance. During this holiday I manage to spend only nine days for traveling and the other nineteen days will be spent to do the works. Ha!

Oh well, I have to admit that staying here for a week can be frustrating sometimes, while most of the students go back to their home countries and some of them travel to other places. It became worse on Christmas day when there seemed to be no life outside my flat. It's a lie if I say I don't feel lonely at all, but why on earth should I be drowned in it while in fact holiday is an excellent time to do some things that I can hardly do in 'normal' days. So, I decide to pamper myself during these days. Starting from decorate my bathroom, try to cook foods that I'd never tried before, watch movies dvd marathon, cook with my flatmates, do more exercise and the last yet most important one is always try to enjoy the work whatever hard it is :)

A simple decoration in my bathroom

Made my own homemade cinnamon rolls

Chicken curry that didn't look like a curry *failed*

I guess during this whole week I mostly laugh because of this film series

Made some pizzas with the other international students

Exercise with high beat songs are always the best way for me to get into a positive mind

"Good companion" is a must while doing my assignments


  1. ozuuuu ajarin bikin cinnamon rolls. suka deh foto2 di blog kamuu <3

  2. makasiii beellaa. ayuuk main kesinii biar aku ajariin hihii