December 04, 2012

Once Upon A December

If there is anyone who breathed a sigh of relief when December turned up, it could be me. I was really looking forward to see December since I realised that November was the hardest and busiest month of this year. Those were the days when 24 hours isn't enough anymore, laptop, books and journals become my new best friends, eyes wide open with hardly any sleep at all, went out only for lectures and library, let the mess pile up around me, weekends seem like weekdays, instant foods were chosen to save time. They seem horrible, don't they? Oh well, let's forget about them and see how December is going so far.

One of my December wishes

Last Saturday I managed to sneak away to my happy places that are the markets. The smell of winter is in the air. Christmas atmosphere can be felt strongly almost everywhere. The streets and the markets were filled with people as they bustled round the places, carrying their shopping bags filled of Christmas goodies. Almost every stores putting up their Christmas decor, while restaurants and cafes having their special Christmas menu. You can also see a different kind of Christmas lights hanging above the main streets. Yeah, everywhere you look there is amazing eye candy and they remind me of some movies like Home Alone, Serendipity, Love Actually. I enjoyed seeing them and feeling the Christmas spirit even if I don't celebrate it.

Many kind of homemade jam in Westbourne Farmer's Market

You can find lots of cool and lovely stuffs in Boscombe Vintage Market

The best thing I got in the vintage market : second hand Dr. Martens boots 

Christmas market in Bournemouth town centre


  1. hi nazura, I found that all of your pictures are pretty impressive and i really love it, did you by any chance put some effect on it? bcs i really love to know what software that you used, I 'm kinda new to photography and photo editing, so will you help me? thank you ^^ love your blog <3

  2. Hay! thank you for visiting my blog. I usually use Adobe Photoshop CS6, but sometimes I'm too lazy to edit so I use this website which is very easy to use for editing especially for the beginner. I still recommend you to edit with Adobe as the result looks more natural hehe. Enjoy! :)