December 16, 2012

Three Good Days in December

It would be hard for me to forget this December as there are (and will be) lots of noteworthy moments in this month. One of them is having chance to get involved in local community. Thank heavens for The Hub, a voluntary organisation in my university, which always give information about volunteering activities in Bournemouth (I will tell you later how it can be so inspiring). I can say that I was so lucky to get involved in some volunteer works as they all are certainly give a bunch of happiness and new experience for me.
I did my first volunteer work in this month for Poole Museum. I help them to run a Christmas event for local residents. There were some sessions on the event, including creating Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas card for kids and Christmas wrath for adults. There were also some mulled wine and mince pies for guests. I was so excited because I had never participated in any Christmas events before and really enjoyed seeing the reaction playing out on people's face, from pleasure to satisfaction.    

This is what you can see once you go through the door in the old building of the museum. 

The other volunteer who helped making mulled wine and mince pies

There are lots of antique things and I was in total awe of them

Me and Julian decorated the place before guests arrive

Mulled wine for guests

Here are the 'chefs'

The kids made their own Christmas cards

Christmas wrath making session

Making Christmas tree decoration

The second volunteer work I did was very different than the first one. This time I work with Alzheimer's society which called "Singing for Brains". The volunteers are expected to have a chat with the society, serve them with some teas and cookies and also sing some songs with them. It may seem very easy and simple, but actually it has a deeper meaning for me. Doing this activity reminds me of my grandma who also suffers from Alzheimer's. I was thinking if only there were some activities like this in my country that she could join, it might be good for her and there would be a possibility to make her condition better than today. Apart from it, I really appreciate the idea of this activity which is very good as all of the people in the society look so happy and enjoy the whole activity.

I did the last activity for Lantern Procession event. It is the Poole annual event in which many children bring their lanterns around the town along with their parents, followed by a marching band of local community and ended with sing some Christmas carols. In this event I took part as Marshal or street barricade. It was a lovely night to see groups of cute kids in Santa hats who look so excited to bring their lanterns along the street and also the marching band who spread so much cheers with their music. Surely, I can't forget the amount of awesomeness they were.

The marching band 

The Marshals

A Marshal uniform, walkie talkie and event route

Some children bring their own lanterns

People standing outside the church to sing along Christmas carols

With Gaulia, another student who also took part in the event (after we finish our tasks)

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