January 10, 2013

The End-New Trip

I know it's a wee bit too late to tell you about my second solo trip to Edinburgh. Oh, did I tell you about my first one in Canterbury? I guess I haven't told you yet but sooner I'll tell you how great it was! Well, Scotland was never been on the top of my list of places to visit, even though I was wondering how it is since people keep telling me about its beauty. I finally chose it as my destination to spend the last days of 2012 because I wasn't able to apply for Schengen visa, which means that I have no opportunity to go to other European countries before the end of last year. It wasn't bad at all. Indeed, I can say it was the right time to visit this city as there were many interesting events.      

An adorable view of Edinburgh's new town

"As long as only one hundred of us remain alive we will never on any conditions be brought under English rule"

Edinburgh Castle, one of the must-see attractions  

At National Museum of Scotland

The colorful buildings along Victoria Street

The christmas markets and ice rink in city centre  

As you might already know, aside for its magnificent architecture, Edinburgh also known for its great history, castles, the place where Harry Potter was born, fashionable Tartan and Kilts, the Bloody Mary and Mackenzie and also for its amazing annual festivals. Honestly, the main reason why I visit it at the end of the year was because one of their festivals, Hogmanay, was held. I was so curious with the festival which is considered as the world's biggest New Year's street party since there were hundreds of thousands of people participated. When I was there, they had many events for celebrating New Year, whether before, on the day and also after it. Eventhough I couldn't attend all the events, it's still so amazing to see people wore Kilts and Viking costumes, and also thousands of people brighten the city with their torches. While on the other day, I was amused to see people dancing on the street, harmonise with the music.

30 December. The opening of Torchlight Procession

They said there were forty thousands of people participated in Torch Light Processions

I wonder how they can stand with the clothes on the freezing night 

31 December. It was only one of many spots where some people dancing on the street

Pardon me, I couldn't capture it as pretty as my eyes could see

1 January. The Street Theater Spectacular - Big Bang

Apart from the amazing events and beautiful places, I'm also quite satisfied with the trip because I experienced many new things. Started from the seven hours journey by train to Edinburgh, stayed over at my friend's place whose I had never met or even spoken before, celebrated new year's eve with strangers and finally, transit and waited in Leeds at 1am until 5am for the train to Bournemouth. Actually, they didn't accidentally happen. I chose them from the very first beginning I plan for this trip (about three months ago) and I must say that they are the ones which made this trip become special.

Big thanks to Amel who offered her place for me to stay

So happy to found many shops sell locally made crafts and goodies

Greyfriars Kirkyard has been considered as one of the scariest places on earth

Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia 

The famous traditional Scottish instruments

One of the parts in National Museum of Scotland

Four things that made me enjoyed five hours of waiting in Leeds Station

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