February 05, 2013

The Utmost Comfort Zone

I wasn't a kind of person who brave enough to step outside of my comfort zone. I'm the kind of person who think and worry too much, so that I had a fear of trying new things. This is supported by the fact that I cannot always easily adapt to new circumstances, things, environment and people. I tried to avoid them, but whenever I tried, there have always been opportunities that makes me finally taking it just because I'm curious. It happens over and over again until I finally have realised that trying something new isn't always scary. Indeed, I challenge myself to always try new things now.

An inspirational person I know once said, "don't ever want to feel comfortable". She didn't explain much about it, but what I can understand from her statement is, sometimes it's better not to feel so comfortable with anything, anyone and any place. It's because the more comfortable you get with them, the harder it gets to leave them. After I've been through some phases in my life, I must admit I agree completely with her. The first step is always hard when everything goes back to start, but believe me, you won't regret it because the most meaningful and amazing moments in your life happen when you leave your comfort zone.

However, there's still one place that will always be my comfort zone. My room. I find myself getting too attached to it, especially for now, as I probably spend a majority of my time in my room. For some people, a room doesn't have much meaning. But for me, it is the most important place whenever I move into a new place. Whether when I was in Jakarta, Bandung or even now in here, the first thing I do in the first few months is make my room comfortable enough for me. The reason is simply because room is the only place where I can freely organise, decorate, control and do whatever I want without bothering other people. Oh, it's also a place that always remind me of some important things for me, either the things I want to achieve, people I love and memories worth remembering.

One of the best things about my room is the view from its window 


  1. Rapih banget Zuuuu...! Btw itu yang foto HOLGA pake tas Anya, uni atau kamu sih? *ahahha, soalnya selama ini uni pikir itu uniii x)) dijadiin avatar pula di Twitter

  2. hahaha itu emang uni kook tapi aku yang motret wkwkwkk. aku suka aja sm fotonya uunn. hasilnya unik, keliatan lomo banget hehe

  3. awesome! terlihat sangat nyaman. saya salah satu fans kak nazura loh hihi <3

  4. hehehe makasii yaa meisza dan ghea :D

  5. so pleased to read the story of your life in England, I wish I can share mine too but of course after a long journey and the effort to pursue my dream.