February 25, 2013

London Fashion Weekend 2013

If you follow fashion account whether on twitter, instagram or blog, it seems obvious that February means a lot to fashion people as the most leading fashion weeks are held in the four fashion capitals of the world. Anyway, I'm not gonna explain too much about these things since I'm not really up to date with them. All I can give you is some blurry pictures that I got from London Fashion Weekend. Mind you, it's different with London Fashion Week. LFW was held midway through the month, then closely followed by London Fashion Weekend. 

Even though I just attended one fashion show by Hilary Alexander, I was quite satisfied. She introduced four key trends for the upcoming season, namely, Graphic Art, Urban Lifestyle, Doll's House and Eastern Promises. They all look really amazing, but if I could choose, I would prefer Urban Lifestyle and Doll's House collections. While Urban Lifestyle is all about collared blouses, shirt-waists, duster-coats, Doll's House makes me desperately seeking spring and summer with its sweetness floral dresses and pastel colors with a mix of metallic effect. 

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