April 18, 2013

You Still Look Stunning Even When It's Cloudy ♥

I suddenly feel like having lived in another time

If only I had more time in Paris, I would spent a day in this infamous bookshop, Shakespeare and Company. You can choose whether you want to read old or new books, also, they have some coziest space in here!

Aa-haa, I caught the other "back to another era" spot!

Once upon a time in Jardin du Luxembourg... (I don't know why, but it feels like in a fairy tale, no?) 

Now you can see five things in one picture

Even the beautiful cemetery like Père Lachaise Cemetery still has a dark side. 
Anyway, does anyone know who broke the glass? *jengjengjeng* (horror-movies-score mode on) 

Besides its gorgeous village, Montmantre is also widely known as the place where many famous artists  had started their works such as Dali, Monet, Picasso, Vincent van Gogh. It's not so surprising, then, if  you see many artists in this area.

Rue Popincourt is definitely a must visit street for vintage lover. 
There are lots of Brocante (Vintage shop)!

A bunch of beautiful flowers at Marche des Enfants Rouges

I know this pretty little cafe from some Parisian bloggers, and like they did, I also recommend you to go to Mamie Gâteaux. Delicious cakes, friendly owner and homey atmosphere. Prrrfect. 

The hidden E

The rhythm of Parisian steps

Even though most bouquinistes selling old French books and magazines, 
you can still enjoy the vintage posters 


  1. Aaaah Ozuu, aku suka sekali detail foto2mu. ntar kalo kamu pulang ke Indo dan aku mau prewed, aku booking yah. HAHAHAHA..

  2. uuu makasiii kaak Mayaaa. huahahaha asiikk mau nikah ya kaak *salahfokus*. boyeehh kaak, tapi aku ga profesional ntar malah takut mengecewakan hikss