January 03, 2014

Another Go

I know it's a little too late to recall 2013 but, hey, come on, it was one of the best year I've got so far in my life. It was full of unforgettable journeys and memories. I've also learned more that year than ever before. One of the biggest things I've learned is that you have to just manifest your dreams come true, and don't stop till they do. As cheesy as it may sound, but it's true. If it's not because I have dreams, I wouldn't come to England, didn't travel to the places I want, checking off more things from my bucket list, got my master's degree and forth. I also learned that you can't always get what you want. I have one big dream that hasn't come true yet in this year. Even though it seems like just one centimeter away from my face, it all finally depends on God's plan. Regardless of the ups and downs, 2013 had been a tremendous year for me. Thanks for all the memories and lessons ♥

I was traveling by myself, celebrating New Year in Edinburgh and my birthday in Bath and Bristol. Although it wasn't my first time traveling solo in UK, it was the moment when I felt the odd sense of comfort when traveling alone and realised that I much more enjoyed traveling by myself. Ever since, I've been braver to do solo traveling.

My first experience attending a fashion event! I went to London Fashion Weekend and got the sensation how London Fashion Week feels like.

I got my first (and most probably, last) part time job in a fitness centre in Poole. I worked for two months as a cleaner there, working before dawn until the sun came out. Such an unforgettable experience and got much life lesson!

It'd been my dream (since I don't know when) to go to Paris, and so I went there by myself for six days! It seriously changed my perspective on a lot of things.

My grandma had passed away. It was the first time I've lost my loved one in my life. It's the saddest thing I had in this year. On the other hand, I feel blessed I went to Morocco and Turkey.

I have two big dreams that I've always asked whenever I pray. But then I know I was too greedy for asking those dreams happen at once in this year. In the end, I learn that in order to achieve one big thing, you have to sacrifice another one.

I can't remember ever having had better summer than this year! I went to an open air cinema in London and saw lavender and rapeseed oil field.

My first time having Ramadhan and Eid Mubarak outside of Indonesia. Surprisingly, 19 hours fasting in England is still better than 14 hours fasting in Jakarta.

After three months doing my dissertation, I finally submitted it! I also moved to a new house in Bournemouth and lived with my four other housemates. I did solo traveling for the last time to the Northern part of England before I went back to Indonesia.

I finally got my master's degree! I'm beyond grateful for it. I also had a wonderful road trip with my housemates.

"Hello - Goodbye" are the best words to describe November. In the first week, I met my family after one year I didn't meet them. They came to England to attend my graduation and also we had a great trip together. In the last week, I finally moved back to my home country. Saying goodbye has always been the thing I hate the most, especially when I already feel comfortable with things/persons.

Jakarta! It was a bit hard for me to make myself usual with the hot weather, traffic jam, pollution, crowd and the habit. Anyway, I went to a lovely island in Borneo (I won't tell you the details now).

Finally, Hello 2014! Hope you bring more lessons, happiness, and more dreams that come true. 


  1. Yoiii 2013 loe penuh warna ya Zuuu!!! Semoga tahun ini lbh berwarna lagi. Amin

    1. hahahaa iya nih Riis, Alhamdulillah hehe.. Aamiin banget buat doanya. semoga tahun ini juga semakin berwarna buat lo ya Riiss :)

  2. favorit banget ini postnyaaaaaa :))