February 05, 2014

It Feels Like Home (Part Two)

After fifteen months of living there, I finally left the casual comforts of Bournemouth on last December. Without even a single time visiting my home country for that long, I was so wrecked with paranoia that I will live again in the crowded and polluted big city. Well, living in a small peaceful town like Bournemouth awakened me to the rather obvious fact that I am not that big city kind of girl. And that paranoia actually came true. The first moments I arrived in Jakarta I was in for a surprise, in that I felt familiar with all the street scene, humid air, language and everything that it has, but I just don't feel like I am coming back home. In a somewhat amusing contrast, around those times I had also went to a place where I felt like coming back home, even though it was my first time visiting said place. A place that is an island. An island called Derawan.

I had no conception of how unbelievably awesome the Derawan Islands are. If you have a plan to go there, just make sure to not only visit the main island, Derawan, but also the surrounding islands like Maratua and Kakaban. Derawan island is a lively island which is more crowded than I expected yet more colorful. If you seek tranquility and privacy, then maybe Maratua will suit you more. In Maratua although there is actually not much to see besides its exclusive resorts and pretty corals, still it is worth seeing and snorkeling there. And also Kakaban which is well known as the home of stingless jellyfish!

On the boat with the other great travelers

Little paradise called Maratua

A (not so convincing) picture of coral in Maratua Island.  
The real one is waaay amazing than this!

No, this isn't supposed to be a land!

Full team!

The Kakaban Island, home of stingless jellyfish!

There are only two species of stingless jellyfish in the world; 
one is in Indonesia and the other one is in Philippine 

"Sometimes you need to go away to appreciate it". After seeing the beautiful blue sky with its dramatic clouds, the clear blue (though with hint of green) sea, the amazing corals, stingless jellyfishes, manta ray, big turtles and other fishes and sea species (I wish I could specifically name them all); meeting other travelers who have gone across the islands of Indonesia; staying and talking with local people, then I think how lucky I am to be in this amazing country. All those bubble of happiness were good enough to make me realize how there are still so much to be seen with my own eyes. On one side I am happy because it means that I need to explore more places in my home country (which I will definitely do this year!), but on the other side I feel ashamed because I did travel to more places in other country but not mine. Now I am even more thrilled and can't wait to see, feel and explore other places in Indonesia. Keep my fingers crossed for it! :) 

That blue house is our homestay accommodation

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  1. i always miss the sand of derawan....its a beautiful island..