March 08, 2014


Tweedehands is an idea that came from the dreams of having a thrift shop in Indonesia that me and my sister, Ceniza, have always had. We love to find, buy and wear secondhand clothes and other stuffs at local thrift shops or markets whether in Indonesia and other countries. Sometimes we complain about the unpleasant vibe of shops and markets in our home country, sometimes we feel disappointed by finding stuffs we love but we couldn't buy or wear them because of clothes that don't fit with the hijab we wear and also size that is too small or too big. Thus, we finally got the idea to make an online thrift shop until we're ready enough to open a real thrift shop in town! Please do check for the catalogue and further information about Tweedehands :) 

Model : Nadia Rahmi
Photographer & Stylist : Nazura Gulfira
Assistant Photographer : Gladyzka Emiria

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