Weekend Getaway (Part One)

Waiting for sunset at Petitenget Beach

Colorful yet quirky decoration of Motel Mexicola

Ubud's streets are definitely amazing, especially after 
the Galungan and Kuningan day as there were many Penjor ornaments on the streets.

Rice terrace at Bali Pulina

My favorite part of Sea Circus

A little bit of selfie never hurts

Dreamland Beach view in the evening 

Beautifully designed Penjor (s)

The crowd at Ubud Market

Late dinner at Pit Stop

A barbecue party and live music at Padang Padang Beach


  1. im planning to visit bali (hopefully soon) but im a bit concerned bout the foods. how to choose or know if the shop is halal or not? or the best choice is seafood?

    love ur post bout bali! help me a lot for my upcoming trip.. :)

  2. Hello! usually the restaurants will put the halal symbol on their menu. But if not, you can directly ask them. Most of them will be happy to answer, especially to the foreigners. Or the last choice and probably the safest one is choose seafood.

    Hope it helps you! enjoy Bali! and thanks for reading my blog :D


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