August 14, 2014

Sweet Little Escape

Living in a big city like Jakarta is surely tiring, both physically and mentally. I'm not one of those people who hates or curses this city. Neither am I a fan of it. It's not about the never-ending traffic jams, the emotional people, the crime, the heat, or the not-so-friendly public transportation that makes me feel like this city is not a place to raise my children or to spend the rest of my life. Have been witnessing life in some other places, I've come to realize that my ideal places to live are similar in certain aspects. They have some  - or even plenty - big open spaces where you can soak in some sun, breathe some fresh air, lay down somewhere halfway quiet while you read your favorite book, watch old movie, listen to the music, or just for small nice talk with your beloved ones. Fortunately, there are more and more open spaces in the suburbs that offer better refreshment rather than malls, cinemas and fancy restaurants/cafes. And this one that I found is far way better than my expectation. Pine tree picnic!

All photos were taken in Gunung Pancar, Bogor, Indonesia


  1. Waaa ini liburanya niat bgt sampe bawa properti gini heehe

    1. hahaha iya mbaa ini emang super niat. biasanya kalo piknik emang enggak pernah sampe bawa properti macem2 kaya begini X)

  2. Lovely! Pengin bikin postingan blog secantik ini :-)