Most of the time I consider myself as a person who doesn't easily idolize people. But when it comes for me to adore people, I can utterly in awe of them. So far there are only two people who grab my attention since I was in elementary school. The Olsen twins. I was smitten with not only their stunning looks, but also their endeavours that have always shown up. I've admired them to the point that I followed their hairstyle (before I've worn hijab of course) and was one of the first people who bought their book by the time it was sold in Indonesia. Ha! Now you will probably see me as their freaky fan, huh?       

Anyhow, I won't tell you any further about the shameful things that I did when I was too much in awe of them. It wasn't my purpose to write this post. Instead, I want to share about their book, Influence, that I bought several years ago. Although it didn't cross my mind to show you what's inside the book, I once posted some photo of their cover book. After it has been a while since the last time I opened it, I read it back yesterday and found more inspirations. Then suddenly the notion of showing them to you has appeared.    

Christian Louboutin

Designs of Francisco Costa, a creative director of Calvin Klein

Inspiring words from Francisco Costa

Karl Lagerferd

The book doesn't actually explain about the Olsens. Instead, it tends to give us more information about the people who influence them. At first, it was boring. But after I try to read the conversation between the twin and them, I figured it out why they could inspire the Olsens. They are the influential people who are all hugely successful in their fields, from photographer, designer, artist until architect. I guess you are already familiar with some of them. Besides, a few I found interesting enough to read every word. Believe in your dreams, be your own best friend, set goals in your life, find the job that you really love, are some good lessons that I get from them.

George Condo's paintings

John Galliano

Giambattista Valli's sketch for the Olsens

A lesson about job from Karl Lagerferd

Proenza Schouler's collections

Some of Those Influential People


  1. Wooow I envy you for the fact that you own this book! I'm not a die-hard fan of the Olsens but I love Ashley's personal style + The Row is one of the most amazing luxury brand at the moment!


  2. You should buy it Kashaa! Hehhe. It's a worthy collection even if you're not their avid follower ;)


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