Thank You.

It whispered, "see? I told you a decade ago that you can be nice to everyone, but be attached to no one. don't you remember how the heartache is felt like when you have to leave those you comfort with?" . Then, it whispered again,"don't you remember the sadness of seeing the people you were once so close with, now become just another complete stranger to you?". And silence was all I could say in reply.

Feel unsatisfied with the answer I gave, it whispered again to me, "see? I told you years ago that you can get comfortable with a place, but don't forget that there are thousands of places you have to see by your own eyes". And silence was all I could say in reply.

Thank you for giving me a nice big slap and reminding me of something I almost forgot, that, "for every happy hello, there will be goodbye". Well, I guess it's time to move on.