November 11, 2010


Here are the things that awfully inspiring me today :

1. Ballet shoes and vintage suitcase are the perfect combination
2. Make your bedroom looks prettier with some vintage postcards and spice up your wall with a fancy wall sticker

3. You never get wrong when you are in France

4. I'm being loved by either macaroons, a cup of tea, any kind of ribbons or polaroids!

5. I wish someday I have this super sweet and cozy room

6. Knitting a shawl accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallow on it, excellent!

7. I want those adorable bird cage!

8. I really loooveeee this movie and never get bored to watch it for many times

9. What a beautiful dress, isn't it?

10. I want this bunch of pink roses!

11. Super awesome mailbox that I have ever seen

11. Everything is perfect! The socks, the heels and also the flowers.

12. Fifi Lapin in London? Fascinating!

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