November 14, 2010

Tiffany Blews

Today we eventually got our fourth photo shoot we had planned before. Gloomy, classy yet elegant is the style for this session. We took it on the rooftop of my boarding house, which is really adorable with Bandung city view. Well, this is my favorite session after all photo shoots that I did. The place, concept, and also Sari's new hair cut (that I really love) is making it better than before. Yeah, say goodbye to your tress and welcoming the Carey Mulligan's short hair cut! 
Unhappily, we have just got two hours and could only took two kind of clothes :( 

Model : Sari Saraswati
Photographer : Poeti Nazura & Anissa Chairudea
Fashion Stylist : Poeti Nazura

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