December 02, 2010

December Air

I don't know why, but I always excited to welcoming December. Neither because of snow is falling on the ground (because Indonesia will never be snowing) nor Christmas is coming nearer (even though, I love the Christmas atmosphere and people's decoration to celebrate it, still I am not one of those people who celebrate it religiously). And actually, there are plenty of assignments which still waiting to be finished. Then, why still I pleased to welcoming December? Well, it might because December means we all are in the end of year. May some people feel miserable when they leaving what they used to had, when the other one feel charmed to welcoming another part of life that waiting for them. I do not know in which part of people am right now. Because one side of me get excited to see what will happen next year, in otherwise feel bad of saying goodbye with my friends in the near future.

But, I am not going to talk about it in further, because I will surely talk it later. What am I gonna talk about right now is my cheeriness on the first Saturday night in December. Now I am starting to get really excited with my newest bulb that I've been searching for lately. Yeah, I just get sooooo obsessed with any kind of bulb, and today I've finally found it when I accompany one of my friend to Riau Junction. I couldn't hold my desire to take some photographs of it. And here they are!

 the bulbs illuminate my room

 this is the first shawl that I have successfully made as a gift for my father

I will play piano at my father birthday party on Monday, wish me luck!

Unfortunately, I can't take more photographs at the moment because there are some assignments which I have to do all night long. Wish me luckkkk! :*

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