December 10, 2010

I make my statement on my own necklace

Today is the last day of final exam semester for this week. And I already get exhausted, need something to refresh my mind from all this stress. I'm not in the mood to play piano. I'm either being uninterested to watch dvd, take some photographs or browse internet. I decided to bring one of my projects into reality, make my own statement necklace. So, this afternoon I went to Otista, the place where I found a shop which sell anything you will need in DIY project, and I bought the things I need to make my own statement necklace. And here are the random things that I bought in that shop (which mostly I don't know the name of them).

 a lace, two ribbons, some ropes, two rattans and some other things which I don't know about their names.    

In the end, I just used these things to make a statement necklace

There still some poorness of quality of my statement necklace

That's all I can tell about making my first statement necklace, hope it will enough inspiring :)

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