December 12, 2010

things I would love to do this week

Plan everything in a creatively spiral bound journal

My journal is already running out of paper, and because of that I can't write my plans, ideas and wish list anymore. I've just thought maybe I need to make a new one and this a beautiful mess is absolutely reinforce my willing to make a new one of my journal book.    

Seize the memories in the hanging photographs

I've been planning for a few months to print all my favorite photos and hanging them on my bedroom wall. But there always something which make me to delay it. Maybe these days is the right time to make it comes true! (inspired by : Design sponge online)

Be a chef in one day (inspired by : delectablefoods)

I'm one of those people who easily get bored to do the same activities in all days. And that boredom is come back in my days, remains me to do something else with newly experience. Cooking sounds precisely will make my days going nyummy, huh?

Christmas decoration (inspired by : thompson family)

I always love Christmas decoration and get excited in every year when Christmas is already in the air. There is nothing make me love Christmas but the lovely decoration of it. Can you see how fancy and adorable the home decoration in a picture below?

Playing with the brown leaves (inspired by : the cherry blossom girl)

Maybe there is no Autumn in Indonesia, but still there are brown leaves lying on the ground. This is also one of my plans which I cannot make it until right now. I'm desperately want to go to THR Juanda, Bandung to take some photographs there.   

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