London Calling

In less than 12 hours I'm gonna catch a flight to have another wonderful journey. Then, it comes as no surprise if I am brimming with excitement right now. Though, I am slightly nervous to have another kind of trip without my family and friends. It seems like the last time I brought myself alo…
The less you care, the happier you will be.
i wish i was blind just for awhile
an ageless cloak covers the oak
don't believe a word
don't believe a word anchorage is so far dont you think?
but why we're feeling this blistering, blistering cold?

The Trees and The Wild - The Noble Savage


These last few seconds, I'm talking to myself, errrr, could you stop being so nervous and let me sleep tight tonight? . Well, if you were here beside me, you would hear how fast my heart was beating, or at least, you would see how anxious that person right now. There are lots of things in my m…
Never make someone a priority in your life when they only make you one of their last priorities. We have to put energy only on someone who will do the same efforts like we do.
Blazer : Smoothies. Striped Shirt : Pasar Senen. Necklace : Gift from Fia.  Pants : Topshop. Sandal : Charles and Keith.

Saturday Date ♥

Apart from the fact that Jakarta has tons of giant malls, historical museums, expensive boutiques, dainty cafes - restaurants and other cool places to hang out, I don't know what else this city could offer. I consider myself confused when I finally got to accompany my boyfriend to discover ano…
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Lady Behind The White Door

I never say that I am a fashionista, fashion blogger or any kind of person that related to fashion. I rarely attend the fashion events, I don't follow the latest trends and my blog is not always filled with the fashion things. And lately I realized that fashion world isn't a place that I&#…
When in doubt, remain silent.

Hamish (Alice in Womderland)
Kepada Yth.
Bapak Gubernur DKI Jakarta

Sebelumnya perkenalkan, nama saya Poeti Nazura. Saya adalah salah satu dari 10 juta penduduk Jakarta yang menggunakan Bus Transjakarta hampir setiap harinya. Alasan saya sangat simpel, karena saya sangat mendukung penggunaan transportasi umum di Indonesia d…
Blazer : Smoothie. Dress : Gaudi. Jeans : Colorbox.  Bag : Guess. Shoes : Melissa.
First thing you gotta know about me, I'm a hugger.

Lotso in Toy Story 3

October 29, 2011.

48 Hours in Bali

Wohooo! I'm back after blogging silently for almost two weeks. Actually, It wasn't in my intention to abandon the blog, but the situation called for it. You know, last week had been such a busy week for me, because I had to go to Bali for work and after that I went to Bandung to attend my u…