August 26, 2011

Coming Soon : GRASYA

Nowadays, hijab fashion is currently developing around the world, including Indonesia. We can see it by the emergence of many community, clothing line and also beauty contest for hijabers. Not only that, from what I have seen right now, there's plenty of beautiful yet stylish ladies who are using a kind of hijab style and "muslimah" fancy clothes. I am beyond glad to see them, even more so when one of my friends offered me to "wear" the clothes for her upcoming a kind of hijab clothing line, Grasya. Another thing to note is that the first collection is all about pastel! Sure as can be, you can't get enough of all the great stuff from it. Go grab it, ladies.      



  1. this is surely gonna be a hit! bajunya bagus2 bgt.. apa karna modelnya jg bagus2? hehe.. can't wait for the launch! aku suka bgt sm outerwearnya.. :)

  2. yeiiyy. just keep waiting until the day it's officially released! you can follow it by twitter or facebook :)