August 09, 2011

Graduation Day

It is almost a month since I graduated. Still, I miss that day and the days before it. I know I should have posted this in a few weeks ago, when everybody still had the euphoria of ITB's graduation day. But I think there is no limitation for us to remembering the moments we love. Besides, this is how we use photographs right? To bring back our memories, so we can feel that blissfulness over and over again.

ITB's Graduation Day

With my parents and big brother

July's Ladies (photo by Melly)

Let me introduce you to my PW (Pendamping Wisuda) 

Cute balloons from Kokom and Sari

With my gorgeous kepoers

Got some flowers from my family, friends and LFM

At first I was getting down because my expectation was a wee bit more for my graduation day. But I could enjoy the rest of that day again. I am more grateful than I even know how to say. And that was because the people I love were there for me and give their best effort to make me happy that day. 

Thanks for the gift and flowers, besties :)

The graduates of Planologi ITB


The superb gifts :)

Super thanks to Ayah and Bunda who have been incredibly supportive of me, Bang Ardha and Ali my brothers who came to Bandung just to see my graduation *that is so touching :"), my best friends who came and gave me the lovely presents. And of course to you, my hero of that day, the one and only person who was being patiently accompanied me all day long. Thank you all, I felt that day was really mine :D

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