August 18, 2011

The Beatles & Melissa

Every time I see my father's Beatles collection, I always want to take pictures of them. Yeah, my father is a huge fan of The Beatles. He has collected more than fifty books, uncountable cds and cassettes, and  some other cool stuffs. Since I was child, he often played their songs to me and my other siblings. Perhaps it should come as no surprise if we also adore that legendary band. 

I am not so sure, is it a card or a cigarette case. What do you think?

This cute little alarm clock is absolutely my favorite ones

I am wriggling with pleasure right now, because after about two weeks I have been waiting for a pair of Melissa, finally this sweet scented plastic shoes have arrived two days ago from Bandung. Since this is the first time I bought something that I admire in a long time by my own hands after graduated (read : salary, hehe), I am beyond happy to have this Melissa.

 The Beatles records

Melissa Enjoying Beige

Oh, talking about my job, I am currently working in one of the government institutions in Jakarta. It is just a momentary, not permanent. I am still looking for the best one. Yeah, I have to admit that it is not easy to find the right job that I am passionate for. It is very lucky of you who know exactly what your passions are and already in the right path in order to chase your dreams. Wish me luck! :D


  1. bukaaan shofa, itu brand dari luar. cuma karena di jakarta yang ini blm ada stocknya, jd aku beli di toko Happy Go Lucky bandung.