December 28, 2013

Hello Mr.Potter!

Like a lot of you, I had grown up with Harry Potter, from having it read to me at school to crying when finishing the last book. It holds a very special place in my heart. As do the films, I was overexcited when it first came out. I joined a long queue at the cinema because I couldn't wait any longer to watch it. Since then, I keep crossing my fingers that someday I could see them beyond the books and screens. And it has finally come true! I visited the Harry Potter studio tour in Leavesden with my family, and it was everything that I had hoped for and more. I finally got to explore the great hall and more with my little brother and sister who are die hard fans of Harry Potter. Without no doubt, I can say that we were probably more excited than the children that surrounded us! I don’t want to give too much away, but our day involved peering into the potions classroom, doing a spot of ironing at The Burrow, snooping around Dumbledore’s office, eyeing up all the major props, sets, costumes, and peering though the windows of shops in Diagon Alley. If you haven’t been yet, I couldn’t recommend it enough. It's absolutely worth the price!

The cupboard under the stairs

Luna Lovegood's fancy dresses 

Ron Weasley's bed

The giant swinging clock pendulum

Dumbledore's office

Sirius's prison number

Potions classroom

Dolores Umbridge's office

The famous Butterbeer! It tastes really really good!

The Knight Bus

A highlight for me was to enter the Diagon Alley!

The super ama-yzing Hogwarts