My First England Road Trip

I really wanted to go on a road trip since the first time I moved to England. It's not because I can say I've done it when people ask, but simply because I've loved road trips since I was a kid. I remember my parents often took me on road trips to some places in Indonesia. It feels like a lot more adventurous, and indeed, you can explore more off-the-beaten-track places. It came as no surprise, then, that I was jumping around like a crazy chicken when my housemates agree to go on a road trip together in last October. With autumn officially set off and limited time left of the sun, the great outdoors needs to be fully seized and enjoyed before it is too late. So, here we come, mother nature!

55 Southcote Presents Lake District from nazura gulfira on Vimeo.

I love planning trips, but the thing is, I can't drive. It's obvious then that I was the only one preparing for the trip, and at the same time, who didn't drive during the trip! ha! I chose Lake District, a scenic area of Northern England consisting numerous landscapes, lakes and beautiful villages. After collecting all the information about Lake District, I finally come up with the plan that we are leaving from Bournemouth to Hawkshead (the place where we spent our first night), and stopping by Stonehenge and Stratford Upon Avon on the way down there. Within the Lake District area, we went to Penrith, Ambleside, Grasmere Village, Great and Little Langdale, Conniston, Keswick, Windermere and Kendal.

If you're a fan of forests and mountains like myself, you would definitely love this place! The lakes and the mountains are amazing. I've seen them numerous times but they still take my breath away. If you ever get a chance to drive up through the mountains do so, you may come across sheep grazing on the side of the road or just having a stroll across to the other side. Although some roads are narrow and steep, and can be quite an experience to drive on (I honestly don't know anything about it, but my friends told me so). But in the end, its all well worth it when you open out into the amazing sights of the lakes and the mountains. Oh, and one more thing! Lake District is also well known for the place where Beatrix Potter dreamed up her characters, the Peter Rabbit and friends. Seeing lots of souvenirs and pictures of Peter Rabbit made me feel nostalgic for my childhood :") 


  1. awesome.. aih, mbak nazu saya jd inget impian masa kecil saya yg pengin ke Yorkshire :’)

    1. Hallo Nida. Makasih yaa. Ayo kamu ke Yorkshire juga! It's one of my favorite places in UK. Semoga segera terwujud yaa :D

  2. Read your blog, especially about your trip on England, made me feel like I was already there. Pengin banget bisa kuliah di Inggris. is there any advice or suggestions from you to make it happen? Informasi tentang beasiswa mungkin mbak? :) thanks


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