March 21, 2015

Moje Natural Furnishing

I am always a sucker for country decor.  I don't know why, but countryside never fails to excite me with its beautiful landscape, art of living, and undoubtedly, its simply wonderful decoration. I have a dream that one day when I'm retired I will move to a countryside and spend the rest of my life in a retro country house with a garden full of flowers. But well, since there's still a long way to go, let's get back to reality before I go further, ha!

In last August (I know this is a really old post), I was browsing a website when I stumbled upon a page of this interesting shop. Not long after that, I finally visited Moje which is located in Jagakarsa. It is a modest wooden house with vine on the roof that apparently spoiled anything inside it. Once I entered it, I felt like I wasn't in Jakarta. Instead, I felt like I was in an English country. Thanks to its friendly owner, she allowed me to take pictures (which I did in almost every corner of the shop) and we also had a little chat about the shop. It is owned by a couple who love countryside and vintage (yes, some of the furnitures are vintage!). They run a small factory in Sukabumi, hire local people to work with them and make furnitures with recyclable materials! Now you see why it's called the 'natural furnishing'. I will definitely be back to buy another stuff for home!


  1. Ada yang seperti ini di Jagakarsa ya mba Nazura, huwaaaw. Kece banget.

    1. Iyaa mba Amah, cobain deh kapan2 kesana. tempatnya baguuus :)

  2. Hallo mau tanya, kalo mau photo-photo disini bayar atau gimana? Thank you