Dieng Plateau

I don't know if you're anything like me, but when I get the choice on a vacation, I can hardly decide where to go, whether traveling to get some cold fresh air in mountainous areas or the hot ones in white sandy beaches. It's because I find myself as a typical person who fair enough to love "wearing either a long cape or fancy sunnies". Well, there are some people who get more interested in beaches than mountains or vice versa, so they won't get confused in making decision. And finally, for this time, it was my mom who had decided to brought me and my sister to one of the famous plateau in Java, Dieng Plateau.

On our way to Dieng (from Yogyakarta)

 Sumbing Mountain 

If you haven't already visited Dieng because you don't have any chances or probably not very interested with this kind of place, I have to tell you that it is such an amazing place to visit. I mean, as I know so far, there aren't many destinations that provide some different attractions in one place. And Dieng is one of a kind where you can find an enormous vegetable plantation, temples, pond and crater all in the same place. While Arjuna Temple, Kaliasa Museum, Telaga Warna and Sikidang Crater are some things you must see, Carica, Purwaceng, Potato and Mie Ongklok (in Wonosobo) are some foods you must try. 

Arjuna Temple

Carica (papaya), one of Dieng main commodities 

Dieng's fried potato

Overall, Dieng has been well developed as a tourism destination. It's easy to found because there have been improvements in road, parking area and access to every attractions. Unfortunately, there are still some things to be concerned about. The local tour guide who speaking such poor English and not so comfortable home stay, for obvious instance, are its ultimate weaknesses. Whereas, Dieng has a great potential to become one of the main destinations in Central Java for both international and domestic tourists. I can say that because I saw a pretty good amount of foreigners and Indonesians visiting this place. Whether it's big or little, the weaknesses above will probably give them significant influence, especially for the foreigners. Yeahh, let's just hope the local government will handle it quickly .

Sikidang Crater

Edelweiss Flower

Good words from Indonesian former minister of culture and tourism in Kaliasa Museum


Travel can happen closer to home. Exploring an unfamiliar part of your country can be just as rewarding (and culturally eye-opening) as traveling to a new country
- Anonymous