13 Reasons To Love Perth (Part Two)

 • Seeing Kangaroos In The Wild 
I'll start this second part with an important feature of Australia which many associate with the country. And it's none other than... Kangaroo! Those cute creatures are what everyone wants to hold, especially, if like me you've never seen kangaroos, it really will be something jaw dropping! Forget the zoo, cause I won't recommend you to waste your $27. I could only see the Kangaroos from a distance, while Koalas hid between the trees and many animals snooze for hours while you expect them to entertain you! 

 • Little 'Freo' Town 
Although many wonderful places around Perth are only accessible by private car, this well loved suburb, Fremantle, is reachable by public transport. Super-hooray! Taking a walk through the centre of this picturesque town will make you feel like in one of English or European towns. You can expect to find lots of coffee shops (they even called it the "Cappuccino Strip"), awesome bookshops (fyi, Fremantle has more secondhand bookshops than in Perth city), records stores, markets, museums, old-colourful buildings, local arts and crafts, mouth-watering fish and chips, and also white-sand beaches! While on weekdays we had an enjoyable walk because there weren't many people, we soak up the city vibe on the weekend. Oh, yes, historic town will never ever fail me. 

 • Feel The England 
The first day we explored the downtown area of Perth, I felt like I was in Singapore. Somehow the architecture and the urban design look similar with the Asian cities. Then I've changed my mind after exploring more part of the city, and realise it also has similarities with England. Though some of them appear to have been intentionally built like Oz's motherland, such as this alley called London Court which has lots of souvenir shops. B-b-but, who can resist a cool British vibe? Not me.

 • The (Second) Best Fish n Chips 
I had never known that there are any other places in this world which could provide fish n chips as good as Britain, until I taste this infamous Kailis Fish Market! Although they still cannot beat Chez Fred, the worlds' best fish and chips from Bournemouth, but they have the grilled one which I had never eaten before (and by the way, it's so much tastier than the fried one). I'm drooling now, just seeing their pictures! 

 • Amazing Street Performers 
Whether in the markets or streets; pianist, break-dancer, violinist, singer, guitarist or pantomime; solo or duet; the Beatles, classic, or Sheppard, you can found them all in Perth! Though it's not my first time visiting a city which has talented street performers, but this one surely has a bunch of them. 

 • The Anti Mainstream NYE 
Sydney maybe the best place to watch New Year Eve fireworks, but it's only in Perth where you can experience a simple yet intimate feast. There are three spots which provide different vibes: Cultural Centre for families with kids and elderly, Northbridge with its youthful vibe and street dance is better for youth (though there were many families too!), and the Swan River is the right place to watch the biggest fireworks in Perth. Because the cultural centre was too boring for us, and the river's a bit far from the other two places, so we decided to join the crowd in Northbridge. 


  1. Downtown-nya bener bener lucu sekali ya kak, more look like that you were in Disneyland rather than in a real town!

  2. Halo, Kak Ozu!
    I've been blog hopping to search any information about Perth and feel so happy found your blog.
    Aku lagi bikin itinerary buat 2 minggu di Perth nih, Kak. Ijin nyontek, yaa hehe
    Anyway, I like the way you write trip post into 13 reasons to love the city. Such a brilliant idea!

    1. Halo Aube!
      Wahh, senangnyaa kalo postingan ini bisa bermanfaat hehe.
      Oh iyaa, feel free to copy the itinerary yaa.
      I hope you enjoy your trip to Perth! :)


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