December 21, 2010

We ♥ Pajamas Party!

My weekend was a little bit different than usual. I didn't spend my Saturday night either alone in my room or together with Ican, but had a wonderful weekend by doing pajamas party with my friends. It was pretty good! At the first time when I had just arrived at Nadya house, some of my friends were already made two pans of pizza. Sadly, I came late and couldn't take part on making the pizzas :( 

 The pizza was so yummy! good job girls ;)

Pajama that I wore

The colors of their pajamas

We mostly spent our Saturday night with watching the dvds, Paranormal Activity 2 and A Moment To Remember (Korean's Movie). It was silly when we watched the PA 2, we made ourselves frightened and sometimes we scream out. It was fun, though. And afterwards, some of us were focus to watch the second dvd while others were playing the Monopoly.     

No longer than one hour since that, one by one of us was sleeping with our own comfortable way to have a tightly sleep. 

Sunday morning was even better than Saturday night! we went outside the house and walked underneath the sunshine and blue sky that I really love.

After walked around, we went back to Nadya's and made the lasagna!

As time goes by, we should go back home and seize the moment in our memories. Special thank to Nadya and family! Let's have another party, girls! :D

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